🕵 Privacy: Virtual Email

What is this?


Interesting… I suppose it hides users’ email addresses, but then uses a ROW ID to identify the user in the sheet?!

This feature generates an anonymous, virtual email address when users sign into your app, to prevent you from keeping personal information in your sheet if you want to avoid it. As far as the user is concerned, the app will behave totally normally, but the app developer will only see a virtual email address like chosen-twist-631@anonymous.appuser.io.

We plan to make this optional for paid apps, and mandatory on the Personal plan, to protect user privacy.

If you want users to give you their email address, you could make the app ask for it.

Please try it on staging and let us know what you think!



Oh, like Apple does? :open_mouth:


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Yep, just like Sign in with Apple.

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Damn! For once I was thinking I could beat the mighty Robert in asking what an experimental feature was. I swear, I wrote a draft yesterday!! But I forgot to publish. Darn it, I give up. Robert, you win. I admit it. You’re the master of recognizing new features :bowing_man:

Can you please explain what that does it mean…is it same as Public user where anyone with the app link can logon … but an dummy email I’d will get added in user profile sheet ?


It works as public with email where instead of using personsl email a new email will be created when the users login …

Not aware of sigin with apple feature

Yeah, let’s count on detective Bob! :wink:

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