🕵 Whoa! "Collect real user email..." is now a Pro feature

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Note: all existing apps are grandfathered, meaning they retain the choice between Virtual and Real addresses.


Thanks for the note! Quick question—will compose email to anon email forward emails to the actual address?

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It was mentioned a couple of times.


Eventually, but we have no plans to do it yet.

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Sorry but does that mean our scripts which send out emails when a new order confirmation row is added will now be sending the order to these anonymous, and not the real, emails?

If you want to email someone, you will need their real email address.

If you are using a Buy Button or Cart, you will still get the user’s real email address when they make an in-app purchase.


Got it! tx!

You should update the documentation. It came as a surprize and I had some trouble understanding what was wrong - being new at Glide and trying to learn the framework with all the imposed Pro limitations :slightly_frowning_face:

Was just starting to like glide :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Not every Glide user reads every topic in the forum :wink:

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You can still collect someone’s email, but you have to do it via a form etc.

As you are building it in yourself, you have to make sure that the end user is aware that you are collecting the data through your terms etc. I think the standard terms that basic glide apps have made GDPR issues for Glide themselves, also people may not have been aware that they were collecting email data in some cases.


@erwblo somebody has to. :wink:


I do. Just saying…


Thank God!

The feature explains itself when you interact with it.

=ARRAYFORMULA( If( in any case there are problems in the formulas because the email is not reflected in the spreadsheets, If( for the use of your app created with glide requires user registration, I think that nothing else could be placed a textEntry requesting that you enter your email.), So when confirming the record, it falls on the spreadsheet and you could use it with the formulas you want.))

I have not tried but I understood that it would be the biggest inconvenience.

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