Storing data on a Blockchain - to record 'corona test' results as being unaltered

Hi! I have looked through the community site but not found anything on this…

use case: I will likely need to build an app that has individuals order home-test kits for Covid, book a time to do a live chat with an agent, then conduct the spit test on a video chat (including showing their ID), before waiting 15 mins and sending their photo result back to be verified. Once this is done, they would be emailed a PDF (with QR code) of their result (like a doctor’s note), and have access to the PDF in the app.

So two pieces of interesting functionality will be a) PDF generation and emailing and b) integrate live video (maybe jitsu)

An add on would be to genuinely claim that the proof that this is a real certificate with unaltered results would be to instantly save that result (in some way, depending on privacy) on a blockchain (there are more than one) so that anyone who is presented the PDF / QR code can check a) is this real and b) does the info I am now presented with in person or forwarded match the data.

Now a test like this is only valid 24 hours! And is never conclusive (there is a false positive an negative rate for any covid test, much higher with self-tests). But it would be nice to say 'we have integrated the app into the blockchain to support immutability, etc).

Anyone got any ideas? Maybe it is in integromat to take a value out of a GSheet and write it to a blockchain, etc.

Thanks! M


Ya, sounds like a great idea. I need to learn more about blockchain—very promising but I don’t know where to start.

I am googling about to see what is around (from a total novice perspective)… things like…

  • add on in sheets to write to a blockchain

  • another add on, would ‘save to the ethereum blockchain’ - but I have no idea how it works as clicking on ‘add’ once the add-in is in my sheet does not do anything

It would be nice to conceptually know how things might work. And then maybe one day there is a use case.

My spit test cert is definitely a live use case - the Singapore govt have a cert that is on the blockchain too. So it is interesting to learn how to write to one of the blockchains, and then to read back from it :slight_smile: