Data not being added from mobile phones

I am not being able to add data on the app install. I am able to add from the editor.
The data seems to be added, but it behaves strangely and disappears once the app is killed

This is happening on all of my apps. Started at about 18:00BST (5 hours ago). The mobile phone app no longer completes any Add’s, but does show any Add’s that are made in the Editor or direct to the sheet.
We’re using the apps for covid Fit to Attend registrations, so any help appreciated.

Could you try again please?

If it still doesn’t work, could you please share the app and let me know what you do to add data?

hah, it has literally just started working again !

add a new record, fill in name and all the tick boxes and Yes at bottom, press tick at top (android) and your name should appear at the top of the list (showing date and time, but should quickly change to date only). it was sticking at date+time and not writing to sheets. i take it that the return of the date only format means that it has written it.