Stop losing TAB Layout when changing data source

@noesis - This was closed but it has bitten me so many times I have to bring it up. Lost hours of work on layouts due to bug with autosave

If you change the source for a TAB you LOSE all your layout. Changing back to the original source DOES NOT bring back the original TAB layout - instead it brings back the generic Glide layout.

You should have a warning pop-up that states you will lose the current layout if you continue.

I have now learned to duplicate a TAB first. Change the source on the original, delete everything and then copy the layout from the duplicate over to the NEW TAB. Trial and Error.

Also I could not find any documentation on this behavior.


And it’s not just changing the source - changing the STYLE (Ex: using Details then switching to an Inline List layout then back to Details) does the same thing. It’s super frustrating to have put hours of work into a layout then have an idea to change something only to test it in the new style, not like it, then go back and everything is gone except the Glide default components.

Just remember that the undo button can restore a layout if you catch it right away.

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Yep - just tested it on a test tab and it worked (undo). My usual first reaction was to manually undo the change (revert to previous) source with disastrous results.

A simple warning (with a check box if you don’t want to see the warning anymore like with the ‘filter’ security warning) would be very good for beginners/intermediates (like myself).

My $.02 worth


For new to glide users, a warning could be beneficial. Having built in Glide for over three years, I’ve forgotten how volatile apps can be when you’re experimenting in the builder.

Ya, warning is probably a good idea. Like @Robert_Petitto said, those of us doing this for a while know about this. I always make sure to do a “copy all” of the components on the left before switching the source data.


+1 on this

Getting into Glide this was one of my biggest frustrations. Changes like this need redundancies. With time and experience it becomes easier but can cause loss of motivation at the start.