Static list field (enum field) in glide database

Most databases / spreadsheets have some kind of field that you can pre fill a few options, which is called an enum field (or in non computing terms a static list).
An example of this type of field is Airtable’s status field or apple numbers “Pop-Up” field.

You simply write some options into the field when setting it up. Then when entering the data into the field only these specific options are available to enter.

A common example is… todo, in progress, on hold & done.

I think an enum field in Glide databases would be amazing. It would prevent having to setup a relation to a “utility” table (2 extra fields) and a lookup (a 3rd field) just to reference a predetermined list of (static) options.

I think you might be looking for the Choice Component?

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Yeah I looked and I did find what you are referring to. If a relation field is used by the choice component for its values, it will write to the text field that the relation uses. Using a relation field like this does remove some complexity.
However I find a significant portion of my “static choice” fields are multiple choice, whereby the choice component won’t read ‘list type’ relation fields. This is where a new database field that enables predetermined static choices would be a good idea. It will also simplify single select choice fields as well because you won’t have to setup a relation to a “utility” table.