Starter Plan

Hi Gliders
I saw that we will have, among other options, the Starter plan.
From the little I know about the new options, this plan will allow you to form a Team that can have up to 5 applications for the cost of 25 dollars.

  1. Is it correct to say that I will be able to form this Team with one or more friends?
  2. The value will be 25 dollars and if I have only one this will be the same value. If you have two, it will be 12.5 dollars per app, until if you have five, it will be 5 dollars per app?
  3. Will this Team have at least 2 components or can it only be 1?
  4. If one of the participants has, for example, 6000 lines, what is the number of lines for each application?
  5. Will this Starter plan have the benefits compared to the current free one?
    Thank you very much

1.- Yes
2.- Yes
3.- What do you mean by components?
4.- Each app can have max 5k rows
5.- There are additional features available in starter vs free, for example, the webview component, the buy button, updates, rows, storage, users, etc.

  1. Google translator betrayed me. When I refer to components I mean people, developers, gliders, members. So in this topic 3 the basic question would be: how many members is the minimum and maximum of this Team in the Starter plan?
  2. That aspect of the 5,000 lines I think could be revised and give more to those who have more. I know 2 developers with more than 15,000 lines, another one that I’m sure the friend knows with more than 100,000. These people followed a “term” that gave them lines and edits for each subscribed to the platform. I think the limit, for those who have it, was the limit of the lines in the PRO plan. I agree 100% that no platform has to give a service for free and obviously neither does Glide. It was said by Glide that this transition would not be instantaneous which they do very well and we appreciate it.