Staging: Plugins available

Please try them yourself using:


This looks very interesting!

Looks like most of the plugins are only available on Business Plans. But at least that brings more value to the Business Plan itself, along with the new Custom CSS section.


Please don’t read into the plans, they are literally just me going “eh this one will look pretty with pro, and this one will look super cool with business.”

There will be a phase where we actually right size all of this, but right now those tiers are effectively totally random.


Oh ok, great to know!

Jason did warn that several of those might be in a broken state at the moment…

Ah ok! Thanks!

Looking forward to this!

Only tinyurl - works for me

I tried the Slack Integration but got this error:

Maybe a gift for christmas ?

David said you will see it within the first 3 months of 2023.

Nice i think plugins and New automation are going to change everything in glide.

Gmail emailing - works and have some spam or fault filters. They checking does the content and subject previously send. And incoming mail didn’t directing to spam. I haven’t check but what flag of the email: bot or human?
It is will be very useful but not on pro. Because is to expensive to develop many different prototype with email sending function.
Also it will be issue if we can have time based action and can email like this on free tier!