Why is the "send email" action on free plan? (suggestion)

Hi Glide! My understanding is that the “send email” action should not be available on free plans. I just tested in a team with a free plan and, for some reason, I still see this action without any sort of warning as some other actions. Is this expected? I tested it assuming that it wasn’t going to work, and confirming it doesn’t as expected, but maybe we should at least call out that it is not available for these plans

Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 3.24.39 PM

@NoCodeAndy Can you check this with the team? Thank you.

David replied on another thread that it does indeed require a paid plan.

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@Mauricio_Gonzalez - Do you happen to also have access to a paid team?

We are porting it to the new integrations architecture to make this clearer soon.


I do, indeed! And thanks both for the clarification!

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