Staff Attendance : Register Attendance through Phone

Dear All,

Happy to showcase my new App Staff Attendance. This app will register attendance thorough phone and generate report between any date. This will show report in pdf in mobile and also send excel report to selected admin email.
Thanks to @Robert_Petitto @Jeff_Hager for helping me at various stages.


  1. After entering user has to complete his/her profile. 1st person is considered Admin.
  2. Admin only can set others access right. Also, admin can set users status like Available and Transferred.
  3. Every day User to click button to record his presence or other leave status.
  4. If any user doesnot enter his presence system will automatically enter data as Leave ā€œLā€ on starting of next day.
  5. Option for Holiday (H/O) and Sunday (W/O) is available. Which will be added automatically based on the dates.
  6. Admin can add new Holidays
  7. Daily attendance view.
  8. Admin to approve each data like present, leave etc, after approval of data user cannot change.
  9. Staff wise attendance view. Here Admin can change the status of the staff.
  10. Email Attendance Report. Pdf report can be views in mobile as well as excel report will be sent to selected Admin email. Report generation takes time as lot of script is running background.

Please review the app. After completing your profile I will give you the Admin right so that you can explore the total option in the app,

Some of the sample data is already available for your review.

Expecting your valuable comments.
Mrinal Chakraborty


Great Concept @Mrinal_Chakraborty
Unable to access the app though because it says ask admin to give access.

Just configured my profile. The access must be given by admin, do you have a logic for setting that so I can help you with a formula or a script?

Given Admin Access to @Robert_Petitto, @Jeff_Hager, @Manan_Mehta, @ThinhDinh and another Test Account. Jeff has entered attendance, others are also requested to check. Now report can be generated,


Hi @Mrinal_Chakraborty
Could you possibly grant access? I would like to understand how this was built so I can build something similar