How to Build A Mobile Attendance App With Glide

Hi Folks

Will like to know how to build a one-to-many (staff report to team leader) and many-to-one attendance (team leader reply back to staff) type of daily mobile attendance app using Glide. Meanwhile, team leader can see all the staff but individual staff can only see the team leader.

Any help or guidance will be very much appreciated.

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Sounds like a fun project! I would suggest checking out the Glide build-alongs that are up on youtube that walk through how to build applications. You would want to reference particulars with user-specific columns and visibility conditions to achieve what you are looking for.

Here’s a link to a glide playlist on app builds, with the project management application perhaps being a more complex version of what you would try to build: Build a Knowledgbase with Airtable & Glide - YouTube

Glide also has the following template published that you can copy and use: Attendance Tracker Template – Create a free mobile app to stay organized with attendance records. • Glide

Bob Petitto’s that can be purchased and referenced: Templates • Glide

Or my own template created for another purpose that could be a foundation: Team Recognitions Template • Glide

Hope this helps and happy building :slight_smile: !

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