SpreadSheet - adding a row

I am a new user. Testing an app.
I have added in google spreadsheet a new column (Column X). Then I see a pop-up message in an app about add a new found column automatically or not? There are three options: YES/NO/don’t ask me again. Accidentally I have clicked “don’t ask me again” but I wanted to click “YES”.
Now new columns are not added, no way. I cannot find any solutions in the guides or in support.
Is there a solution to this problem?

You would probably have to clear your browser cache or cookies for the glide site to get the pop-up to come back.

Personally I don’t ever click on ‘YES’. My app is too well established to have glide automatically adding components into my app wherever it wants. I would rather add the component myself as I need them. Either way, the columns are still accessible for you to use, whether or not you clicked on yes or no.