Split text for which row?

This table is a question list. It will transfer to another table after they submit.
and for each question not necessary to answer. it will able for the user to come back and edit. maybe using split text. My question is how to make sure the answer is for specific row after we joined list?

You probably need to stick a default value in there before you create the Joined List.
So you could have an if-then-else column with something like:

  • If Answer is empty, then “-”
  • Else Answer

And then use the if-then-else column in the joined list instead of the Answer column.

How the Split text to turn up as a table or inline text? I tried to use relation but failed

Split text creates an array.
If you want to display that on the screen, you can either use a joined list column, or transpose it to a list using the “miracle method” and then show it in a collection.

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