Split Payments


I have not seen this specific question about payments asked before…

In a Glide marketplace app (eg; AirBnB-like) can payments be split between eg; Host 85% and Platform 15%?


So, you can collect payments then handle splitting yourself. Glide does not have the ability for you to create a marketplace yet, where this could be made automatic.

thanks for confirming! :slight_smile:

Hi David -

so I’ve been looking into this a little more and it appears that auto-splitting payments after the fact it’s close to impossible without having to write some sort of web app to handle the connection of a third-party account to your Stripe platform account and then triggering a payment where you need to specify the “fee” for the platform and the amount to deposit to which ever other connected account.

So that leaves the option to having have to do it manually, that is, workout the % split and then manually depositing funds to a third-party once Stripe has deposited the charged funds into you bank account - what a nightmare!.

So my follow-up question, is payment-splitting on the cards for Glide, if so, is it on the short-term roadmap (like processing non-USD currencies is)?

I figure that a huge percent of current app builders on this forum are building products on behalf of clients and not actually selling products overselves on the apps that we’re building but rather building the product and thus a way to get paid for the service that we’re providing is by taking a % cut of the transaction.

I suppose exactly to what Glide does when a payment is processed (2% cut for Pro or a whopping 10% for free apps)?


We have no plans to do this.

:thinking: hmm