Splash Screen with Pulsating button to get started


I’m new here and have been given a very tight deadline to find a solution to build a PWA, I’ve built my solution using Glide which is amazing.

I need to find a solution quicker than I can work out how to do it myself, and so I’m reaching out to the community as I’ve seen other apps have it and just need pointing in the right direction.

I need to replace the sign in screen with a splash screen, perhaps embed some code to display a lottie animation or a simple photo with a logo and some text but I need a pulsating button that encourages the user to click to go into the app.
The sign in screen is ok but we don’t want our users to login.

Any help would be very appreciated

Thank you

If you don’t want users to login then you must use the public option for app privacy.

Then it comes to the question whether you want them to have the option to login at all. If this is a yes, then you can first use public with email, assign a user profiles sheet then revert back to public.

For your screen, do you want users to see that every time they use your app?

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Wait… so you can have a public-facing app, with user profiles configured, but “hidden” so that when people first open the app the Sign-in Screen DOESN’T appear (and you can just use the Sign-in Action wherever it’s needed to do this?) :face_with_monocle:

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Correct. It’s a bit finicky, but it works.


So is this a “solution” for having an Admin section of the app instead of an entirely separate Admin App?

Any advice or glide-ance (*officially coined!) on this topic?

Maybe… The issue becomes anybody can find the sign in button and sign in, whether they are an admin or not, if it’s a public app. I guess you could hide it behind a user specific text entry field and only give out the correct “password” to admins you trust?

Or pre-approved/populated email addresses amongst Boolean approvals…hmm…back to the lab I guess!

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Just to note that you would have to store their email addresses before they login in your User Profiles sheet, or make a “whitelist” sheet and only show the admin tab when their email is included in the joined text column of that whitelist.



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“joined text column” - visibility condition?; example) “AdminEmail” “is included in” “AdminEmail” column?

Or do you mean a joined list?


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Oh yes I did mean joined list. Thank you. :sweat_smile:

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