Specific idea, no clue what to do

Hi y’all

I am trying to create an app where people can basically choose the rooms in their house or type them in themselves, and then put in all the items they own.

Here’s the thing: every template I find already contains all the entries, so I’m not quite sure if I can even provide those options. Like, there are templates for inventory apps, already containing the items. This is not usable for me though, as I can’t put in all the things people can eventually own… because, well, there’s literally billions.

Any idea where I can learn how to create a project like that?


What is the eventual goal of the app? Once people added things they own to rooms, what do you expect they do with this information?

I’d start by browsing through educational videos that Jack from Glide puts together. One specific one that comes to mind is Things in Things. The name of the video is abstract, but you’ll see why I think it applies to you.