Ideation: When I'll be ready to dev a template app, it will be with an elevator menu

I post a lot of questions or ideas, but it’s because they’re not on the same pace, and it helps me identify priorities. Or brainstorm new stuffs. Everything ends up interconnected, that’s how my mind works.

As you guys are really sweet, I’d like to share an idea I have, even if I can’t do it right now. For a template.

An elevator
As a menu
You know, with a sliding door, numbered buttons to access different parts of your app.
Maybe anchor to scroll vertically (well, like an elevator!) top to bottom or bottom to top (consistent with the floor you are and the number you click on)
why an anchor? To show the floor lobby! The TOC of that floor and the number you’re in.
Once you’re on the right floor.
The door slides open.
You see the Number you’ve reached.
There’s a TOC in the lobby.
You click on the lobby TOC links to access further tabs/details. Instead of directly opening each content.

And the ritual fun is to come back to this elevator.
That may seem an additional click and navigation step, but I think it’s worth the trouble. As it simulates a human move.

Maybe the elevator buttons will be best with 2 columns of floating buttons on the right side with a hint component displaying each corresponding floor content.
Maybe it’s best with action buttons, for a straight set of elevator numbers with their titles.
And of course, in the UI, show all the signs to go back to elevator or a button to call it.
A button that glows. Of course. And can even show Up and Down whether you intend to go up or down (why not show contextual available numbers, then? just kidding, an elevator does not even do that IRL).
Ideation initiated.
I cannot do it before months, but feel free to comment and best practice me.
Should you feel inspired.

This might give you some inspiration…


I’ve seen it already. Thks, Darren :slightly_smiling_face:Happy so else (at last) thought of the door idea.
So much human, personal and privilege welcome than a “home page”.

It’s the last bonus I’ll add to my current prototype. So it will be handy when I dev the elevator template. In 2022.

Once the priorities are done.

you can try this…
may take some work to get it into glide but its a start… let me know how it turns out…


Thks, that’s absolutely charming! Smooth, vintage/industrial look, you just want to use it forever. Beautiful job already. Very thrilling. Love the inspiration.
Unfortunately, I have other priorities for now (Daddy died on Feb 25.) so…


So sorry to hear that L.M… mine passed away not too long ago…my thoughts are with you.
When you jump back in run a search on this proflie for ‘elevator’… I built a virtual mall app a while back and you can see different types of elevators i experimented with… Good luck!

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RIP :dove: :purple_heart:
Thks :croissant: :coffee: :cool: :heavy_check_mark: :jigsaw: :tophat: :black_joker::teddy_bear:
& BRGS :cherry_blossom: :person_raising_hand:

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My elevator menu in my portfolio