Help locating template or step by step creation help?

I am seeking some help in locating a template or if anyone has any tips on creating this app. I am attempting to make what would sort of function as a checklist.

It would allow users to check off different fields. Based on each answer of yes or no, a popup or text would appear supporting each answer.

At the end, it would record their inputs and send to them and also send to back end.

Is this possible? Basically there is a lot of conditional data (the popups or text after they click yes or no) and that’s making it tricky for me to figure out how to implement.

Thanks for any tips!

This should all be doable inside a native form with conditional visibilities on each component.

The biggest problem you may face is say component A is visible under condition A, the user writes something through component A, but then changes their mind to condition B. Component A is not visible anymore but the underlying value is still there and will be submitted alongside other things. You’ll have to handle that either with an on-submit action or some if-then-else columns.

It gets harder to deal with that problem when you have a bunch of conditions.

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