Specific content access through an ID code

Hi, I can’t seem to understand whether or not Glide has this functionality.

To overview the app I’d like to make, it will be used by virtual class (think cooking class or painting class) participants to access class content, prep lists, etc. The challenge I’m trying to work around is that there are many different classes, each one with its own unique content, and a participant needs to access only the content appropriate for the class they will be attending.

Here’s the workflow I’m imagining for each user/participant:

  1. User logs in.

  2. Selects “Class” Tab

  3. Selects “Add New Class” button

  4. Enters the Class ID code (provided to them in a separate workflow outside the app)

  5. The new class now appears as an inline list item under the “Class” Tab and remains accessible unless the user deletes it.

  6. User selects class to be taken to another inline list of each piece of content (tools list, instructor bio, etc.).

Just to clarify, the content is not user-specific, but class-specific. Each class may have as few as 5 or as many as 100 users who need access to its content, and there are always multiple classes that run at the same time.

Hope I’ve been clear. I really appreciate any help.

you forgot to ask the question… you lay down app spec and flow… but what is the problem? you have class ID… you should easily pull up any content