Can i create a code gating system for a specific user?

Hi ,
i was wondering , i wanna create a tab where some contents are only accessible to a specific person,
in my case should work like this,
i have a tab with a service embed with a webview there , could be a youtube video,
after the user logs with and its being recognized could see a tab
and i tab i wanna put a form where if you input a specific code you can see the service .

Glide log in via mall
System sends a pin code
user insert the pin code and its recognized

so if user is logged


show tab " services "

in services we have

form component where to input the code to access

the hidden webview with the service for that specific user

( every user has its code and every user has its service )

only pro user ( paid ones as in my system by means of moonclerk ) could access,see the " services " section with the code form input field.

Is it possibile?

Yes this is possible—though you wouldn’t use a form but rather a text entry component on a screen that’s filtered by the signed in user…if the user inputs the correct code, then the content displays using visibility conditions.

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Thanks for replyin’me,
so a screen filtered by the signed user so a text entry component that only that user can see,
can i have one only text entry component for every user that accordingly with the code entered lead the user to that specific section/screen ? In my case a webview for every users i have ( i know its long because i will have to create a "screen " for any of them but at least could work ) .
Can you point me to a post where i can learn how.
Really thanks for your help and just in case good Harvest to you and all of you Glide’s users and creators.

You should build it all in the User Profiles table.

You have 3 columns to create here.

  • Input code.
  • Correct code.
  • Webview link.

First, filter your Services screen to email is signed-in user, so it filters to the correct row.

Input code: Ties with the text entry component you show on the screen.

Correct code: You input them manually as an admin, I guess, or find a way to automatically generate a code.

Webview: if input code is the same as correct code, show the webview component linked to the webview link column.


Ok thank you so much
Have a good Easter you all