Several admins customize unique access content app, possible?

Hello, Iā€™m currently exploring the Glide solution for several of my clients in the travel agency sector.

My final question is simple: Is it possible with Glide? Or is it not possible? :slight_smile:

My clients are travel agencies. These agencies have a network of multiple branches. Within these branches, there are several agents who handle customer receptions and travel sales. Each agent deals with multiple travelers. Each traveler has one or more trips, depending on whether they are a loyal customer.

My clients would like to offer a travel companion app (Glide App) containing the trip details for each traveler. This would allow travel agents to manage and customize the content for each access to the travel companion app through an interface (Glide Pages).

Attached is a basic database diagram, or Google Drive link to download in PDF Travel agencies.pdf - Google Drive

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yes, very doable.