Advice Needed: Managing Multiple Data Sources in Glide

Hello Glide Community,

I’m planning to build Glide apps for my clients and have some questions regarding the management and assignment of data sources within the app solutions:

  • Multiple Data Sources: Is it possible for an app to manage multiple data sources? Can I set which user has access to which data?
  • Plan Recommendation: Which plan would you recommend if each of my 1 to 5 clients requires a unique data source? Would your recommendation change if I had between 5 and 20 clients?
  • App Configuration: Would it be more effective to configure a single app with access to multiple data sources, or should I create a separate app for each client?

I am looking forward to your insights and recommendations and thank you in advance for your support. Your input is very valuable for the planning of my projects.


Hi Francesco!

From my point of view I would recommend for you to get an Agency plan and build individual apps for each of your clients with them owning them(their apps). This way you can get % from Glide for each of their payments plus give them a choice to keep you on a retainer. And each of your client can have whatever plan that suits them best and they don’t share the limits.

Each app (if the plan allows) can have multiple different data sources but for speed and update count purposes - Glide tables are highly advisable.

Yes, you somewhat can give access to different data for different users through roles, but this has limits.

Hope this helps! And good luck!


Hy Nataliya, thank you for your reply.