Sometimes it works?

Trying to create a candidate listing app for a local election.

The idea is, there is a tab (bottom center) that shows all candidates in the order they appear on the ballot. Then in the menu (hamburger top left) you should find the offices (e.g. select board), see who’s running for those offices, and pick a name and go to the same “all candidates” listing.

Works for Vincent Lawrence Dixon, shows up correctly in “all candidates” tab, then in the menu under “select board” finding his name in the list, it goes to the full information as listed under “all candidates”. Menu → Precinct 1, select Vincent Lawrence Dixon and it also goes to the full description.

EDIT (2.28): single candidate lists workaround below; two-candidates still problematic…

Fail: In “all candidates” Patrick Gill shows up fine. In Precinct 1, also good. But Patrick is also running for Assessor, and if selecting from the Assessor in the menu, it goes to a Patrick Gill but NO DETAILS. I built these tables exactly the same, so I thought. Why do Patrick Gill and others (e.g. Karen Bolognese fine in All Candidates and School Committe works, but FAILS in Precinct 6 lookup ?

Missing something, probably obvious, but the inconsistent behavior is troublesome.

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One-candidate menu selections I can fix by changing the detail screen to Details instead of List presentation. This works for Moderator and Assessor now. But for two-candidate posts sometimes it’s still not working – “Library Board of Trustee” has two candidates, and if I select “details” only the first one shows up… So one workaround for single-candidate does not work for the Library Board of Trustee office…

It might help to see how your data tables are set up and if/how you have your relations configured to link the office to the candidate.

What is a recommended way for me to show ? Can I add your email to the team?

“All Candidates” is where all the data is posted
“Select board” works as expected
“Library board” only goes to a name, expecting to see the relation link to the original “all candidates” but noooo…
“Library board-detail”.jpg shows that the reference LOOKS like it should show the correct detailed view, but dead ends in just a name.

Any other screenshots that might be helpful?

Looking at the details of the screen

The part that failed showed “THIS ITEM” rather than the Candidate Relation field.
Now, when selecting Library Board of Trustee now that it is showing the Relation, leads to its Relation field in All Candidates.

This appears to be solved – need to dig into the details of the List showing on the screen.

I think the problem that you are running into is that you are viewing the candidate details from each individual table instead of the details from the All candidates table.

It seems like your data could be structured differently. Your ‘All Candidates’ table is fine. For the rest of your ‘Offices’ tables, I think you should have only a single row. That row should contain the Office only. No names. Then what you can do is create a multiple relation that links the Office column in each Office table to the Office column in the ‘All Candidates’ table. Then set up each Office tab with a details style layout. On each detail screen, add an inline list with the source of that list set to the relation. That way the list of candidates for that office will link directly to the all candidates table and when you click on a candidate, you will be viewing the details screen from that All Candidates table, which you already have set up.

Thanks for your suggestion. The thing that threw me off was that even though Precinct 3 for example showed the relation field info, the detailed configuration was to show “this item” rather than the relation. So the app randomly would choose whether to show the relation or the item itself (which went to a dead end).

The links to details now work, so fingers crossed that this remains stable until the election is over… :slight_smile:

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