"Something went wrong" screen could be more user-friendly

Suggestion to change the startup splash screen from such a negative message as “Something went wrong” to something more user-friendly

The statement “Something went wrong” is rather redundant because…

  1. The end-user can’t fix it.
  2. They won’t contact me to fix it
  3. The app corrects itself and reloads anyways
  4. Most app creators are the most frequent users of their own app if it’s not working it would be obvious
  5. It creates unnecessary panic and a negative image of the app’s functionality.
  6. discourages people from using the app

Suggestion for Splash Screen
Whenever the app encounters an error it normally refreshes itself and reloads the fresh content anyways. The splash screen should say…(Options Below)

  1. …Now loading
  2. …Refreshing Content
  3. …Please wait while we load your contents
  4. “App Name”…is retrieving your most current content
  5. Loading Awesome Content

Just like the title of this post, think of the emotion you get when you saw it…
Imagine if it was entitled; “Loading Awesome Content.”. You get the drift.
Calvin Anderson


Which splash screen message are you referring to? I’m not aware of any that say “Something went wrong”. Would you mind posting a screenshot maybe? :slight_smile:

I think this is the message being referred to. I see it occasionally too, but only for a second and then the app reloads anyway. I’m not sure what’s happening as my connection is usually solid, but my phone is old and slow. P.S. I forced my phone into airplane mode to get the message to show, but I think this is the message in question.

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Thanks for the screen shot. I was unable to replicate the issue since I’m not sure why it comes up.

I guess the error messages vary slightly according to why it’s popping up.

Mine says “Something went wrong”, and I’ve also seen “Something Prevented this app from running”, yours says slightly more than mine.

Thanks again.

You know, it may be possible that my mind is interpreting it to mean “Something went wrong”, which may actually prove my point. Now that you mention it you have me second-guessing myself wondering if that’s what I really saw :grinning: lol.

When I’m on-boarding my app users and they get to that splash screen, I see them panic and assume the app is not working. I’ve even heard remarks that the app is not working properly because of the splash screen’s message.

Glide has given us the ability to bring technology to people who may not usually have used apps for day to day things, and Its a struggle to get those unusual users onboard because they are not tech-savvy, so I"m trying to reduce any information that might discourage them.

Hopefully It can be replaced with a more encouraging message. Especially for those who are not so used to the app creation process.

Thx and keep up the good work.

Appears request addressed, topic archived.