Someone use this css trick ? Not working for me (img profil with edit button)

Hello, someone know if this trick still working ?

Thank you for comebacks !

Yes, I just tested it and it works.

why it’s not working for me ? Maybe a cache problem ?

I don’t know. Did you set it up as per the instructions?

Yes of course, all is good, but I still see the svg icon.

  • Do you have any other CSS on the same screen?
  • Do you have any visibility conditions on your rich text component?

Yes I have others CSS, BTW if i delete all is still the same problem.

No i dont have condition on my rich component.

I’m not sure, then. I’m no expert when it comes to CSS. All I can say is that it works fine for me.

I’m not sure what the problem is on your side. There is another spill out in my dashboard, maybe you should try to remove the asterisk after data-test to [data-test=“nav-button-Edit”].

Hello everyone, after a little in-depth research on my part because this problem was quite weird, I found the solution (or not) to my problem.

The fact is that the CSS tag you use is the following “nav-button-edit”, but when the application is translated into French natively by glide the CSS tag (I don’t know why) is also translated, which gives “nav-button-Modifier l’élément”, which is a problem in itself, let’s imagine that we have users who have their browser in English or another language for those who use the CSS tag, then the CSS code does not will not work.

So, I suppose you have to integrate into your glide template all the versions of the languages in your template (at least the main languages spoken in the world).

I don’t know if it’s normal for the Glide to translate CSS tags (I had never seen that before).

If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears.

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They do translate elements, I’m not sure what it’s for, but native “buttons” (Edit/Done/Submit etc) will work that way.

Yes, they translate elements, but in that case they also translate the “CSS data-test”. I’m not sure if this is normal, because the css are the same. In a normal case still all time in English version.

I wonder if they actually have different elements for each language, instead of just translating the text inside that element. That would probably explain the different class names if they are different elements all together.

This is exactly the question I was asking myself, there is no point in translating the class when they just have to translate the text of the element. The only plausible explanation is in the event of a change in reading (for example reading left, right etc.) I do not understand why they translate class.