CSS for Pages

Does anyone have a CSS tricks for pages?
Like this:
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Names of the correct classes, datasets etc.?

Not yet…everything still seems to be in flux. I’ve started creating a personal one, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing it yet as I’m sure it’s not stable yet.


Also, as CSS for Pages is only available for Business/Enterprise, I imagine it would be hard for most people to get to that level and try the tool, including me.


For the most part, I haven’t bothered with CSS in pages.

Pretty much the only CSS I’m using is for styling my HTML tables.


I’m using it a lot… you just need to adjust from the way you do it in Apps… is harder, but what can we do… ;-(

I’m creating new CSS templates for Pages lol… to be used in free plans :rofl:

this is so much work to do CSS in Pages… I’m gonna have to double my prices!
but… it looks good. :wink:


BTW… as more I work with pages… the more I see how bad this product is… I don’t think they can fix all problems in one year, I feel so bad that they did not put all this time and resources into improving :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Apps. just give CSS to Pages so we can fix it ourselves.

So I spend so some time fixing the Glide Pages buttons… now it looks good on desktop and mobile… is it that hard to give options to users?

and if you wonder if the Invoice is just a picture… hahaha… no is not… it is a dynamic element… any change will reflect on how the invoice looks like… and all the values are recalculated instantly. So at any moment, you are sure what PDF Invoice will look like when it gets to your Client.
And one more thing… this is not a Bussines plan… free plan LOL

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