(solved) Pages + Data Editor: Edit Screen Column Data Missing

Edit: Wow ok so for whatever reason I figured out a workaround. In the editor mode (don’t click the play button to view your page full width)

  1. click the button to pop your edit screen details modal
  2. in the left hand column your “screen” components list will update to be the modal elements.
  3. you can add, edit, and drag those to move them around. For whatever reason the drag and drop doesn’t reorder mine but I can delete and add new ones to make it work.

I’m using the Glide Data Editor as my source (no google sheets) in Glide Pages. I have a button that should allow a user to “Show Edit Screen” for the row of data populating the page. For some reason it is pulling an older version of that is missing several columns.

So I duplicated that table and pointed the edit button at that. All of my columns are now showing up correctly, but out of order.

How do I adjust the order that fields are displayed to make them match the column order from left to right? And how do I make the edit screen button correctly display all of the data available in my columns and not show what I am assuming is a cached version?

In both instances the “data” tab in the far left hand column shows all of my column data correctly.