Soft return in a list's Details field

Is there a way to include a soft return (as in a <br/>) in the Details field of a list? I’m able to use Shift-Return to add one to a text data column, and this appears correctly in the Details view. However, when that text is displayed as the Details field in a list, the soft return is stripped out. (For that matter, the soft return is also stripped out for the tile, calendar, checklist, and card views.)

I’ve also tried including a literal <br/>, \r, and \n in the text, following HTML and regex conventions.

Do you mean something like this?

A “Cmd + return” works for me on MacOS.

I can add the soft return to the cell in a Glide table (Shift-return is what is working on my Mac), but it gets stripped out when that text is shown in a list view.

But is the expected outcome like what I show in the screenshot above?

Thanks @ThinhDinh! Here’s what I’m getting. The soft return in the data column and text field on a details page works just fine. But when it appears in a list view, the soft return gets stripped out.

My goal is to create a richer view of a schedule for a small conference, compared to the standard calendar view Glide offers. I can work in the time & location as a caption, but that’s too hard to see. Or I can use the time & location as the detail, and description as the caption, but the latter seems to be cut off at one line.

This is turning into a rabbithole for me, so at some point soon, I’m going to write off this effort to a learning experience.

You may want to explore Custom Collections, which let you layout the collection item design however you want.


Aha! I’ve been experimenting in a app built in classic. In think this is just what I need!!!


Classic Apps will be sunset in near future. Please be careful building products with it.


Thanks for the heads up!