How do I add new line in template?

I want to display the text from template in 2 lines. If I add new line (shift+enter) in template, it is ok in the table fuield, but NOT displayed in the app screen.

It works properly in my case. Not sure why you are facing this issue. Can you share a screenshot?

Tnx for answer of yours. Here screenshot

In edit screen in data representation there are correct 2 lines.
When displayed in the list, there is without this NL feature.

Obviously this feature works when single field is displayed, but not in the list!?

It doesn’t work inside the list.
Can you split it and put the new line in the details field instead of the title?

Already in place, but this is dirty workaround.
In addition, then I have 2. line smaller. Is it somehow possible to format the lines in the list (bold, size, italics etc?).

As far as I know, that’s not possble.
you may also try to use Custom collection if you want to show more information on teh card. However, that’s bit new features and has some limitations/bugs (e.g. it does not support grouping)

I think we bumped with this example against structural problem: for setting limits for unit prices we need to calculate unit prices based on product and quantity. This is calculated in the pertinent row after submit and not during data entry.
I have solved this delayed data check, but this is again a kind of dirty workaround.