How to handle Line Feeds

I connected to my Recipe table in Sheets and I’m just playing around. I have a column called ingredients that might have Garlic, Onions, and Peppers listed one on top of another. When I entered the data in Glide, I hit Enter after each item. When I view the Edit Form, it also displays the items one on top of another. But when it displays in a Detail form, it shows as “Garlic Onions Peppers” without a line feed, so they’re next to each other.

Any way to have them show on top of each other like in Sheets and the Edit and Add forms?

Thank you.

What component are you using to show it?

The Detail Screen was auto-created by the App. The component says “Fields”, which then has a list of the 5 fields on that Detail Screen.

Do you need to keep that component though? I think you can get what you want with a text component to display that string.

No. I’m just starting out. I added a text instead and typed in data and it looks like it will work. There’s no property to link it to Google Sheets. Do you know how to do it manually? Thank you.

Nevermind. Figured it out. Thanks.

Actually, one thing that maybe you can help me with. When I put the text for the column Ingredients - and then add text on top “Ingredients” to act as a label, there’s a gap (about a blank line) between the 2 of them. Any idea how to stop that?

I also tried a Text Entry field and that works without the gap, but it’s in Edit mode. Might not be a problem for what I’m doing. Do you know how to make that field read-only for this screen?

A screenshot or two would be useful to help us visualise what you are trying to do.