SMS Inbox?

My text log got too large and I had to move its data source from sheets to Glide’s Big Table. The issue is that while my individual text conversations are working perfectly, I’m struggling with the “inbox.”

Essentially, I need a Glide-method to calculate if the row is the last containing a unique id (in my instance the phone number). That way, I can have an inbox that only includes one conversation per unique from number.

I do have a method of marking a text complete, but I’ll give bonus points if anyone can think of a way to mark ALL rows complete that contain the unique ID :wink:

How are you getting those logs in the first place? Do you use an automation to write messages to your phone number into that table?

Yeah, it’s a Twilio function that logs the inbound texts to Big Table. I tried to do it in Make but i had to hard code it.

Yeah, I was trying to see if you can have 2 tables, 1 for the conversation itself, and 1 for messages of that conversation.

So those messages are all yours, or for other users of the app as well? Can you show us the data structure?

Sorry, it was hard to fit it all in. Most of the work is in the Client ID if/then which sees if the number matches one of our work lines and if not, then it is used as the identifier for the client. I then match that number to a client file via a reference.

But as you can see with the top two, for my Valrico office both myself and Therese texted the same client which is the situation the chat array struggles with. When I’m logged in, it looks like I sent my message, but Therese’s message looks the same as if it came from the client in the same way that all “other” texts in a group chat appear to be from someone else.

It makes sense I think logically, but for businesses where multiple employees share a common customer service role it makes the chat object not-ideal.