Query Result Static Identifier

Hey Y’all, I’m curious what are the best practices for referencing a specific column in a query result when that result is subject to change. I’ve accomplished this task in the past with a vlookup of a unique ID, but then I end up with hundreds of “blank” rows over time that I have to manually delete to not bust my row limits. Still, it was manageable.

Now, I’m trying to do something similar to log text messages and calls. But, since there are so many more than there are clients it’s unmanageable. I’m trying to add a toggle for whether or not the conversation was complete (ticket system of sorts). Any ideas would be appreciated!


Might need more information, but couldn’t you move this logic into Glide? Maybe a relation and lookup to retrieve your values? I avoid doing anything in the google sheet it at all possible.


Yeah. That’s probably the best path.

I haven’t scaled past about 10k rows yet, so I have still been trying to use sheets/bigquery as the backend. That way I can integrate other services more easily too. But I like the thought and will look into it. Thanks!

Well, you can still use sheets/bigquery as your data source, but you can do some of the computed logic in glide. It does provide better experience for the user because you aren’t waiting for computed values to synce between the user/server/sheet and back. Computed columns are processed directly on the user’s device.

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