Slug for collection item detail page

In order to have a friendly url, please add the slug to be edited as the title is for collection items when the user is on the detail page for an item… this is useful also for sharing the app and understanding what page a user is receiving.


What if you inadvertently have two rows with the same title? How would you expect the slug to work? I tried setting the slug on two tabs with the same value. Glide allowed it, but it only navigated to the first tab. When I remove the slug from the first tab and navigated to the same slug url again, only then did it take me to the second tab.

Not opposed to the request, but I think if someone wasn’t expecting that scenario to happen, they would spend a lot of time debugging.

@Jeff_Hager it’s a small issue to stop an important functionality that has big SEO benefits and also user benefits.

As a solution, we can have an info point saying that the slug needs to be unique.
As an alternative solution that may need some small development, is to check if the slug exists and to add a number in the end, based on the slug repetition.

From what I understand, the functionality already exists, so why not just add that disclaimer and make it available ? I assume that someone who is looking to add a slug, already has an idea about this kind of issues and how to prevent it.

@Jeff_Hager, I’ve checked how this is done on the screen slugs and the same principle can be added to the collection slugs.

From what I see, on the screen slugs, if the slug that is already added exists, Glide uses the row ID for the second one, leaving only the first one to have the added slug.

So, from what I see, we have a couple of options to add the slug also for collection slugs, so I can only hope that this will be added soon to production.


Yes, is this not implemented yet? This is the entire point of pages, SEO search recognition.

I can have 2000 entries with 2000 auto generated specific page slugs for SEO for each row. Crazy powerful.

The “what if there are duplicate pages” is a terrible objection. Just add a unique-ifier if entry is duplicate. Glide already generates unique slugs as it is, they can add on unique values to the base value.

This is like Dot Com era internet. Get it done please or advise if it is already.

I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Glide claim that their product is SE optimised, or that SE optimisation was a goal. Maybe they have, but I missed it? :man_shrugging:

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Sorry I mean functionally, not as Glide claims it. Glide went an rebuilt the wheel for essentially nothing. The legacy app emulator was fine for most use cases. Pages (traditional web structure) gave them minimal value add vs legacy. One value add that web structure gives is SEO and page recognition (whether Glide recognizes this or not). Like it’s one of the most important reasons for web structure.

It would be like creating an Android app builder that could not release apps to the app store haha. Glide makes some truly mind boggling decisions. Anyways. Get the Auto-Slug generator build please Glide.

I’d add a +1 for this, can’t understand why it’s not in there, friendly URL’s are really important.