Pro Page: Slug, Share & Made with Glide Badge


I have a Glide Pages Pro plan and have the following questions.

1. Slug

We can add a slug for each page.

However, why are there still some random numbers and text in the url?


Just be: Glide


2. Sharing

Similar to glideapp where I can share the app url by clicking a button, can we have that with pages?

3. Made with Glide

Since we are on a paid subscription, can’t we remove the “Made with Glide” badge on the bottom left?

Thank you

That was my expectation at first, but seems like they still need those characters to uniquely identify the page.

I’m not sure it’s in their roadmap but since many features from Apps are not available in Pages, I expect changes in the future for the two to be somewhat on the same page.

Not for now, but the team seems to be working on a new price model.

Thanks a lot for your quick response.
Much appreciated @ThinhDinh

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