Slowing in photo uploading

Hey, the photo uploader is too slow, why is that and what can I do?
I compare it to WhatsApp, look at that: WhatsApp Video 2021-11-18 at 5.53.07 PM.mp4 on Vimeo

From what it looks like the video you posted I think it’s either your Internet connection or your image’s size being the issue here.

Hey, thank you for your comment,
I don’t think the problem is my internet or my image’s size because I send the same image on WhatsApp and it took 3 seconds.

I know that WhatsApp compresses the image size, but glide needs to do it also, most of the users use new phones that take pictures with high quality, so most of the users will suffer from slowing in picture uploading.

@SantiagoPerez can you check this plz?

Hey @Lucas_Pires

This is not a bug.

Glide does not upload images the same way WhatsApp does.

it doesn’t matter how you name it, 95% of the people have a new phone,

as we understand all the new phones take photos in high quality,

what cause most of your to upload a photo in 40 seconds,

the end-users don’t know what is this “bug”, for them, uploading a photo in 40 seconds is a bug.

one of the most important feature in a mobile application is to upload a photo,

most of your users suffering from slowing in one of the most important feature, you need to solve it.