Size and format logo?

Hello, I’d like a simple app icon with white background. However, I tried to :

  • upload a transparent .png, but the logo appears on a blue background
  • upload a preset template app icon with the white rounded background, but it’s centered with auto margins

Finally, I uploaded a 10,000 x 10,000px icon with the white rounded background to have less blue outline around it as possible. It sucks! Here is the result :

I have a free account FYI

I use a 500x500 png with white background and works perfectly fine


Pixel size shouldn’t matter as long as the ratio is correct. You shouldn’t need an image that large, pixel wise. It just adds more overhead since it’s a larger image that has to be scaled down to the correct icon size. In this case I think it should be a 1:1 ratio, which it looks like you are using. A transparent PNG will show the underlying theme color of the app. Are you still using a PNG with some semi-transparent edges? Just a regular square 1:1 ratio image with no transparency should work.


Thank you Joe_Gabriele, it works. Anyway, I didn’t find anywhere what size logo is recommended…

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Like I mentioned in my post above. Pixel size isn’t the issue. It’s image ratio that’s important. Images are scaled up or down to fit the container. If the ratio is off, then it won’t fit the container and get trimmed or zoomed to fit.

Adding to this, I always use to add background color for my app icons.