How can I set icon background to White?

As Title, how can I set my icon background color to white?

The built in icons will change the background color based on your theme’s accent color. If you want to have a background color on your image that’s different than your theme color, then I would recommend creating your own image and uploading it.

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Thank you for your reply.
I will try to find the correct Icon size.


Size shouldn’t make much of a difference. As long as it’s square, you should be fine.


Thank you, The problem is solved. After I set my Icon to SQUARE.

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I have an icon uploaded and it shows the accent color on the top and bottom of my icon. How can I get that to go away? I just want to see the icon of my app. Thank you.

First, PNG images have the ability to have transparent parts.

Second, the image must be square, otherwise it won’t completely fill the square placeholder and will show the underlying color.

Like stated above, you’ll need to edit your image to make sure it’s not transparent and that it has square dimensions.

Thank you. I tried the PNG and JPG. Nothing seemed to work. So I just filled in the white around my logo with the color that I wanted and matched it to the theme.
This is what I came up with. I also had to choose the Light theme to get it to work. I wanted to choose the Bold theme.

Why didn’t the bold theme work?