Six Nations Welsh Rugby App

I just love this platform. As someone who, for more years than I’d care to admit, has been prone to say, “on the other hand, you could just do it in a spreadsheet,” Glide is like strapping on a pair of wings.

I dare say there are a fair few people like me who can do things in spreadsheets that induce slack jaws, but have never had the need/desire/inclination to formally write ‘code.’ That doesn’t mean that we are not creative/problem solvers per se.

I’m really proud of this dynamic app which I’ve built and expanded over the last few days in Glide. The flexibility to add to as you go is fantastic. I just thought I’d share it with you here to add another example of what is possible.


Wales Six Nations Rugby App


Is that all you have for stats! :wink: Nice work! I think I’ll have to explore your personal website to see what you can do with formulas.

:grinning: Yes, got a bit carried away.

I’m probably preaching to the converted about QUERY and FILTER being really useful in Sheets. However, my particular favourite in this exercise was producing the Markdown lists using JOIN, FILTER and the CHAR(10) break to get all the details in one cell. I concatenated the Markdown syntax into the formula too and it worked like a dream.

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Awesome use of charts!

Cheers. I’m loving Glide. So so clever. :+1:

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