Single list, unique components

How do you go about making components unique for each item in a list?

My app contains a list of strength workouts that need to click through to a list of moves associated with each workout. Because it must reference a list, I can’t include the data in the row along with the other workout info. I have tried using inline lists referencing the data from both separate columns and sheets, but any changes made to the components for one workout also apply to the components of the other workouts. I thought using custom rich text for each workout would solve the problem and I really love this option, but again, any changes made to one applies to all the others.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work around this issue? I have been through all the tutorials and documentation and can’t seem to figure out what I’m missing.

I’m not sure I follow. Do you have screenshots?

Hopefully this works and makes sense!

I have a list of workouts in the strength tab:

When a user clicks on one of the workouts they should see the list of moves associated with that workout:
Screenshot 2020-01-31 15.44.34|690x388 !

Here I have entered the information as a custom rich text component. This component then appears as I entered it in all the items in my list (upper, full body, lower). If I change the moves in any of the workouts, it changes it in all the workouts. So it does not allow me to have a separate list of moves for each workout.
I have also tried linking the moves list to my spreadsheet through an inline list. I entered the moves for each workout in different sheets in my workbook, but it will not allow me to link each inline list to a separate sheet. If I change the referenced sheet, it changes it in all the lists.

I’ve also tried entering the moves lists in different columns within the same sheet, but again, it still requires that all the lists reference the same column.

I just don’t know how to reference the moves since they must be in a list and cannot reside in a single cell on my sheet.

Since it sounds like you would prefer to use rich text…Instead of doing a custom rich text component, put the markdown text in a column on each row inside the workout sheet. Then you can use the rich text component against that column and each workout will have it’s own text of moves.

If you want to use an inline list, then all you need is one other sheet with a column that contains the workout, a column for the Move, and any other columns for details on that move. Then set up a multiple relation column in the workout sheet to link the workout in the workout sheet to the workout in the moves sheet. This will allow you to use the relation for your inline list inside the workout details.