Simple happiness level app

I manage a recruitment company. We have people out working who are hired by customer companies. To keep a general feel for how things are going for the employees I was thinking of creating an app with different features, but one where they are prompted on a regular say weekly basis to interact and let us know how they are feeling. Like super simple at first level, by selecting happy emoji, indifferent or sad emoji. This current level of happiness would then be displayed in realtime to supervisor via glide pages admin.

But would this employee app with this kind of visual rating function be possible to do in glide apps? :thinking:

Yes, absolutely possible to do this with Glide.

Just one thing to be aware of is that you can’t do push notifications with Glide, so your users would need to open the App to receive the prompt.


Cool! I was thinking of using zapier to enable some scheduled push notifications. Not sure this is possible but I will explore. Thanks for the reply! Now I need to figure out how to implement the rating function to glide with the emojies.