Hello to all Gliders!

Hello Glide Community! :wave:

I never had the chance to introduce myself. My name is Delia and I am from Paraguay, south America.
I already built two apps with Glide and now I am on the way to the 3rd one :partying_face: :partying_face:

The two previous apps are:

ReumApp: https://reumapp.glideapp.io/
is an app for the rheumatology department of the Medicine Faculty. Doctors wanted their patients to receive information about their illnesses directly from them and not that patients google their symptoms alone in the toilette (accurate transcription of what they told me :see_no_evil:)
This app is in Spanish but I would love to work on an english version soon.

unfortunately is not ready yet, I got feedback on the first version and I need to work on it. But is a pet adoption app that supports responsible adoption :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And currently workin on

Ñam: Which is an app to (kinda) rank the best places to eat your favorite food.
We don’t want to give scores because thats not the aim, we want to keep it as positive as possible. That is the reason why we ask people to rank (For example) their 3 favorite pizzas.

There are a few features in my mind which I would need help to build. And my hope here at glide is to find the smartest way to do them and I would love to get help form the awesome community.

I will share the app when I have something a bit more advanced (I started today :sweat_smile:) so you can give me feedback.

Any question or messages or anything else is welcome! Please do not hesitate on contacting me!


Delia! :star_struck:


¡Qué bien! más gente de habla hispana :smiley:

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Bienvenida @Delia_Garcete_Dionic!

Aquí encontrarás la ayuda que buscas. Esta gente está dispuesta a ayudar con cualquier idea que se te ocurra.

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Don’t hesitate asking if you need help!

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Sii!! Feliz de haber encontrado Glide!

Muchas gracias Santiago! Es increíble! Ya recibí mucha ayuda

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Thank you so much!!!

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Hi @Delia_Garcete_Dionic great you meet you, your apps are looking :ok_hand:

Wishing your great success with your projects

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