Hi, I am Loïc from France


I am an salsa event organizer (Festival RGT) and I’d like to provide a “companion app” for the dancers.
After a couple of Google searches, I will try to build something with Glide. #crossingFingers


Good luck! Let us know if you run into any issues.


Bonsoir Loïc, bienvenue sur Glide. On est là pour s’entraider, n’hésite pas.


Hi Glide Community,

Little update after 10 months :slight_smile:
I managed to build a first version of a public app : https://rgtfestival.glideapp.io
First feedbacks where quite positive. The main complains were about the app only being in french, and some users would like to have their personal workshop choices visible in the app.

For the translation, I’ll digg in the documentation. I’m pretty sure that printing a test in a different language, based on a slider/button is something possible :smiley:

Congratulations on delivering your application.

If you search the community forum you’ll find quite a few topics on translating your app.

Some native terms are not yet translated to the device language in the new Glide Apps though, and you don’t have control over them as a builder.

Yes I saw that, but IMO, it will be ok if the text content is translated.

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