Simple, but I can't figure out

Hi everybody, I need to make a line list for my group. We show a project be week, organized by a line, where the first person of the line presents and the others discuss it. Once presented this person goes to the bottom of the line and the next presents. When one person do not shows up, his/her name goes to the bottom to, so, basically I need to do this: a list that auto arrange itself based on person presence on event.
At beginning I was I will be easy, but now I’m stucked on how to do this. Any idea? :bulb:

Here is one way:

  • Create a date/time column that’s associated with your users
  • Each time a user presents (or is absent when it’s their turn), have a button or other component that triggers an action to update that column (for that user) to the current date/time
  • Then you can sort your user list by that column, with the oldest at the top