Simpe Case Tracking

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I will explain it briefly:

Info we need:
Case #
Status of case

I would love to create an app that would need to match the case number and email in order to display the status of a case to our customers.

Than when we have the status of the case I would love to provide additional details as we have around 10 different “case status” we provide to our customers.

For example:

  1. If case status is xyx than there would be a video with more info…
    2 If case status is hsd than there would be a text and some picture…

Is this possible and how to make the lookup successful in order to only show the case status when we match the case number and email provided?

You have to create a table of the cases with the email reference or user id references.
Then store for every cases an array of email references (more users can have same cases), means to create a join.

Then from the inline list you access the cases by user (multiple relation).
Or just load the inline list of all cases and filter those via the current user reference.

Another possibility is to do viceversa, in the user table you create a join of all the cases, from there you access the cases one by one (or via a filter like: cases/id is contained in user/cases-id) and provide the info.

Sorry for the short explanation, hope you can understand it.