Update Value & Timestamp with Email

Hello friends! I am creating a courier application. First, prepare the cases: Tab - Cases - select the order ID - Create a case. In this part, everything works well and it is saved who and when exactly created this Case when click the Create button. Created сases are stored in sheet Cases.

The second part is work with orders and cases. Delivery and collection at different times and different places. There is a table, each Order has its own ID and one row in the ORDER table. In the UPDOWNPLAN table, the plan is generated by formulas and this table is the source of information for the PLAN in the application. The order is divided into two parts: 1. Delivery, 2 Collection.
If you press Insert Real, the prepared case/s for this order are selected and you enter real data on delivery. BUT here 2 problems arise:

  1. I can’t save data about who and when made the Real data during delivery and collection, it can be different couriers.
  2. I need to add fields, which will make it possible to update several fields in the Orders table. For example, the date and time for collection.
    I hope I clearly described my problem. Any ideas?

Link to test application and table:

Awesome! Can you boil the ‘trick’ you need help with down to a very simple case, in a small app example that you can share so we can try?

Thank you!
Here are the links:


I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Maybe because I couldn’t understand what your app does, but are you just for the Email Special Value that records the users email when they Add or Edit a record?