Signed in user email column not showing

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*I am making an app where people can post parties and other people can join them. There are 3 tabs which are , all parties, my parties (whihc i have posted for others to join" and joined parties. In the tab where it should show joined parties I am trying to add a filter where condition is joined column is yes and user is signed in user.

But even if i have changed my apps privacy to signed up with email, the email column is not showing. How to solve this?*

Hi Pratik, welcome to the community!

Have you set up user profiles?

Hey thanx i did not do it before. But how to filter items ( where users are allowed to add items through “let users add items”) added by users, according to their email.

Where do you want it to display?

If you want to display it in the “User profile” tab, for example, you can add an inline list to that tab, then filter by signed-in user.

hey thanx that worked

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Nice to hear! If you have something else to ask feel free to message me or make a post.

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There is one more thing. Is there a way to sort and display components based on the user geographic location. I mean posts which are closest to his location

How do you retrieve user’s location? Is it an input in their user profile?

I have done this concept for a few clients and would love to set it up for you if needed.

Can I use gps to locate the logged in user’s location?

I don’t think that’s an option for Glide now. Do you have any form inputs?

Yes I take the user’s location through a form input

If you have that location (it would be nice if it’s a specific address to calculate the distance better), then you can theoretically calculate the distance from his/her address to each post’s location.

However, that would make your app slow. Let’s say you have 100 posts, so the distance must be generated 100 times for each user.

My script to take distance from Google Maps also limits to 1000 times per day.

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This is sorted, I just added a search bar where the place says “enter your location” so each user can search for groups in his location if he wishes to .

Hey is there a way to let signed in user to edit his profile, like change photo edit name etc?

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Add a tab named “Profile”, add text entry to the “Name” component, filtered by signed-in user or make the email column row owner. Similarly add an image picker for the photo.

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did that worked perfectly. Thanx .You are really a hero.

Have you seen my app??

Hi, I have a few recommendations for you. I will send a personal message.

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Is there a way so that user who has once joined clicking the join group link , can not join again so as to prevent multiple jonees/entries.

You should be able to do this with a template joining the user email and the group and using that in a relation to the form response sheet that contains a similar template. Only show the button if the relation is empty.