Sign in/up pop display on mobile needs a tweak


Would be grateful if we could get an adjustment to the display of the pop up sign in/up on glide pages mobile view.

I am viewing this on iPhone 12 - not tried on android

Issue 1 - The pop up spans the whole width of the screen and prevents the close (X) from being visible. The users cannot close the pop up. (This is the display if the page is accessed via a shortcut on the phone)

Screen shot - You can’t see the close (X) which is actually in the top right of the pop up.

Issue 2 - If the page is access directly via a link e.g (not a real link :wink:) then the pop up does kind of show the (X) but it then doesn’t wrap the text and it just look a bit off.

Hopefully you can take a look at and make it look beautiful like the rest of the page design.