Sign in background image issue

The sign in background image frequently doesnt work properly. IIt doesnt retrieve the image consistently. Why is this, what do I need to do in order for this to be more reliable?


Where are you storing the image?

under settings, sign in screen, branding and background.

No, I don’t mean which settings you have set to point to your image. I’m asking which server is the image actually located? Is it stored in Glide’s internal GoogleAPIs storage (firebase/storage), in Google Drive, in Dropbox, or some other web location for hosting images?

Better yet, if you are willing to share the image url, then I’ll know.

The point I’m getting at is that some locations, such a Google Drive are fine for storing images as a backup, or the occasional sharing of an image or file, but are horrible for hosting them to display in web apps where they are accessed quite frequently. Google does not like that and will occasionally block access to the image or file.

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I wouldnt know which server, how would I find out? I simply downloaded the image from my desktop onto glide.

If it’s that case (I think you mean uploading your image to Glide) then it shouldn’t experience the Drive problem. Do you have a very large image?

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what do you consider a very large image?

did my last message ever reach you?

I would say anything higher than 2MB is large.