Showing only one value in an inline list

i have an inline list which displays values and points but i only want to show the highest vote how can i achieve this

So you mean you want to show the only one with the highest vote right? You can make a rollup column and get the max vote value, then set visibility of the inline list to be when vote equals max vote.

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can a rollup calculate a rollup and also will the new rollup be the count unique

Can you describe more about your use case here? Why do you want a rollup for a rollup?

i do not need a rollup all i need is a way to show only the highest value in a rollup

So can you try the approach you talked about above, a rollup to take the max from the rollup you did?

all i need is a way ton select only a row with the highest values in an inline list
(the rollup i talked about was because of the one you mentioned)

I talked about the way that I think should work above, and keep it in Glide. You can sort the list by votes, descendingly and choose to only show 1 item but I assume you don’t want a “See all” option so that rollup is the workaround I proposed.

If you want to try Sheets, you can use the Rank function but it will require time to sync.

Try this. Inline List has a property “Only show a few items”. Set it to 1.
And then in Feature’s Sort that Column in Descending order. Only catch is it shows a “Show More” button which will show all Votes then.

Works Awesome. Check if it fits your requirement.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 8.12.38 PM

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I would agree with the max rollup method. Create a rollup to find the MAX value from all rows. This will fill that value on all rows. Now create an if then column to compare the value column to the max value column. If they match, set to True. Filter the list to only show rows with a True.



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thanks for the idea

@Jeff_Hager Instead of creating a if then column, we can do this directly via filter. We can compare Rollup column with the Votes column with equal condition.

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@Glider By the way what’s should happen if multiple candidates have the same vote :thinking:.
Can be possible :wink:.

Unless there’s another column for the logic then it will just show all items that fit the condition.