How to find the highest value in a column - using the data editor

I have a user specific column with various numbers in it. I need to find the highest number in that column using the data editor? or glide sheet?
Please help!

User specific columns are specific to each user. The only way you can view those numbers is to preview the app as each user, or export the data and view all of the values in the exported data.

I don’t actually need to see those numbers. i just need to determine what the highest value for each of a specific users choices are so that i can show them a result based on their choice.

You’ll need to track that somehow outside of a user specific column. Possibly by storing the largest number in a basic column and only replacing it if the next number is larger.

If it’s just needed for a specific user - the currently signed in user - then a rollup could be used, yes?


Leet me try that. Thx

Perfect. Used a rollup and theres an option to show the maximum value in a column.
All sorted. Been pulling my hair out for hours. Should have come here first.:crazy_face:

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Yes, rollup worked for me in a scenario where I didn’t want to show old calendar dates.

Unique events with multiple dates. Rollup to find last date for each event. Make event visible only if “last date” is in the future.

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